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Board & Officers

The Hillsborough County Democratic Committee (HCDC) has fourteen board members. Current members are serving a two year term until Spring of 2023.

Most of the 29 towns comprising HCDC have formed their own town committees. Please visit our Town Committees tab at the top of the page to learn about individual town committees.

Monthly Meeting:

Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month except December from 7:30-9PM. 
For more information on meetings, please contact Committee Chair Rog
er Lessard, at


Roger Lessard
Chair, Greenfield

Matthew Hale
Vice Chair, Hancock

Bev Cotton
Treasurer, Weare

Karen Day
Secretary, Greenfield

At-Large Delegates:

Dick Bruno, Goffstown

Tom Burgess, Peterborough

Tara Coakley, Litchfield

Katy Cutshall, Bedford

Tom Hawkins, Temple

Dave Hennessey, Pelham

Shana Potvin, Bedford

Pat Teden, Merrimack

Wendy Thomas, Merrimack

Kermit Williams, Wilton


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